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  2. Police Radio Codes: 10-Codes

    Code Categories. Police Radio 10-Codes; Police Radio 11-Codes; Basic Police Radio ...

  3. Police code - Wikipedia

    A police code is a brevity code, usually numerical or alphanumerical, used to transmit information between law enforcement over police radio systems. Examples of police codes include "10 codes" (such as 10-4 for "okay" or "acknowledged"—sometimes written X4 or X-4), signals, incident codes, response codes, or other status codes.

  4. Police codes: List of police 10 codes

    Police 10 codes are a common form of communication for LEOs. And while some departments are ...

  5. Police Codes | Police 10 Codes | All Police Codes Explained ...

    Spin to win! Let's do this! All police codes used in America. 10 codes, 11 codes, code signals & phonetic alphabet. FREE downloadable guide & infographic shows all police codes & definitions as well as how and where they're used in the US.

  6. Police Codes

    Code Categories. Police Radio 10-Codes; Police Radio 11-Codes; Basic Police Radio ...

  7. Police 10 Codes

    Walnut Creek, CA Comparison (below listing) Click Column Header Link to display that code alone. Police and emergency 10 codes. There are 4 sets of codes commonly used in the US, the general code is the most common. Other codes include the Association of Police Communications Offers (APCO), Norfolk, VA, and Walnut Creek, CA ten (10) codes.

  8. Police Scanner Codes Meanings | RatedRadarDetector

    Things like “Code blue” and “10-7” might have you scratching your head. If you don’t understand these things, you won’t get the full use out of your device. To eliminate all this confusion, we’ve listed every police scanner code used by officers below. Table of Contents Police Scanner Codes Tables Police Scanner Ten Codes

  9. Complete Police Codes

    The All Police Codes website was created to bring you the complete and most up-to-date police codes list, meaning including scanner codes, code red, police radio codes, police phonetic alphabet, 10 police codes, 11 police codes, scanner codes, alphabet for police, police radio codes, emergency codes, Police Abbreviations and more.

  10. Police Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Jargon | YourDictionary

    Ten Codes for Police. Most people are familiar with simple 10 codes for police, like 10-4. The word “ten” tells police that the next number or set of numbers is a code for something. Since there is no universal set of ten codes, these are examples of what they mean in some cases. 10-0 - Use caution.

  11. Basic Police Radio Codes

    The following codes may be used by law enforcement officers to communicate effectively over voice radio systems. A list of Basic Police Radio Codes and their meanings.

  12. [Infographic] Police Codes: A Glossary | VWU Online

    These police codes, most often beginning with 10 and followed by another number, are a common discreet form of communication within law enforcement offices. While there are some universal codes, such as 10-4 and 10-20, most law enforcement agencies have different meanings for their codes. This can lead to communication barriers between agencies.

  13. Police Radio Codes: 11-Codes

    Eleven-codes compose a system of numeric code words devised by the California Highway Patrol to describe dispatches or situations frequent to the work of the Patrol. They are also used alongside ten-codes and other voice radio protocols. A list of Police Radio 11-Codes and their meanings.

  14. Police Scanner Codes - RadioLabs

    The following is a list of police, fire and emergency codes listed in numerical order. If you notice that any codes are out of date, or if you have one to add to the list. Please contact us. Share | Click here to check your order status Join the RadioLabs mailing list : Your information is kept private and only used for our newsletter.